Why Wearing A Face Mask Matters

Why Wearing A Face Mask Matters

Now that businesses, schools, factories, and everything else is opening back up, wearing a face mask is more important than ever. You may feel like wearing one is a waste of time, but hear us out, this information could help save your life, the ones you love, or the lives of other human beings who are just as loved and important,.

Why are face masks important?

Face masks are important for lots of reasons, one reason being that it acts as a physical barrier between you or someone who might have Covid-19. It may be a bit hard to imagine, but imagine like this: You have bad breath after eating a VERY delicious baked Mahi-Mahi lunch with EXTRA garlic and lemon, and the person next to you just ate about 5 pounds of garlic bread. You can both smell each other’s breath, and it isn’t pleasant. Now imagine that the person next to you is wearing a face mask. You don’t smell his breath anymore, but he still smells yours, and it’s not pleasant. Now imagine you’re both wearing face masks. Neither of you can smell each other’s breath, and now you can feel happy and ride the train in peace.

The point here isn’t that a mask will prevent you from getting the virus, it’s to prevent you from spreading it. If everyone were to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of the virus, then the likelihood of getting it would be a lot lower for everyone, just like how we all wouldn’t have to smell each other’s bad breath if we all wore a mask.

Are there dangers to wearing a mask?

Many people have heard stories about people getting sick of CO2 poisoning after wearing masks, or hearing stories about people passing out because they can’t breathe well with a mask on. Rest assured, these stories are FALSE.

CO2 poisoning cannot occur from wearing a mask, as the amount of CO2 we put out when we exhale is NOT enough to make us pass out from it, even if you wore a mask all day long. Think of all the doctors and surgeons who go through 8-12 hour surgeries with masks on that are a lot harder to breathe through than cloth masks. They are fine, and you will be too.

If wearing a mask makes it difficult for you to breathe, consider other options. For instance, instead of going into stores and being close to other people who could possibly be infected, see if a store offers ordering online or through the phone for curbside pick up. Did you know Cook’s Natural Market now offers this service? Call or Email us to schedule an order of groceries, supplements, or anything else in our store for pickup.

You could also ask a neighbor, a family member, a friend, or anyone who’s willing to help to bring what you need to you. In times like these, people understand the importance of helping each other out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!