When you buy your meat at Cook’s, you can feel safe knowing that our selection contains only the best meat for you. Our meat selection has absolutely no GMO’s, no hormones, and no antibiotics. We’re proud to let everyone know that all of our cuts and grinding are done in house. We don’t receive our meat pre-wrapped and riddled with nitrates. We only want the most delicious, nutritious, freshest, and healthiest meat possible on our shelves.


Our beef selection includes a large selection of delicious meats. Want some grass-fed beef? We’ve got that. Are you in the mood for some buffalo meat? We’ve got that too. Pick up your perfect cut today.

Bratwurst & Sausages

Our bratwursts are the bratbest! Our bratwurst and sausage selection can’t be beat, we’ve got everything you need for any meal.

Our large fish and seafood selection is best known for being mostly wild caught. We don’t do fish farms here at Cook’s. Come choose a delicious halibut, shrimp, or maybe even some cod.

When you eat our pork, you can feel safe in knowing that it is hormone-free, non-GMO, and isn’t riddled with antibiotics like other pork selections. Stop in today and pick some up for your meal.

Our large poultry selection ranges from your classic chicken, to other birds such as turkey, quail, and duck. We’ve got whatever you need to make your meal perfect.

Specialty Meats

Cook’s is proud to offer you specialty meat without all the fillers and byproducts that you would find anywhere else. Stop buy and see what we’ve got.

Meat Substitutes

Don’t eat meat? Trying to give it up? We’ve got the perfect selection of meat substitutions for you.